#2 Palestine is sporty

I had this great opportunity to be here in Bethlehem for the 2nd marathon of Palestine! 

“ Some 3,200 runners competed in the second annual Palestine Marathon in the streets of the West Bank town of Bethlehem Friday. The race’s theme, “Right to Movement,” is based on Article 13 of the UN Human Rights Charter and highlights the many ways in which Palestinians’ movements are restricted: by the separation wall, checkpoints, roadblocks, and other aspects of the Israeli occupation. As in last year’s inaugural race, marathon runners had to complete two laps of the same route, as organizers were unable to find a single course of 42 uninterrupted kilometers under Palestinian Authority control.“  Ryan Rodrick Beiler

A few snapshots in a journalistic style:


A Palestinian showing the way to an american runnerMarathon_noemie-5Marathon_noemie-19Marathon_noemie-12

The winner of 2013,  Abdel Nasser Awajneh, a Palestinian from Jericho, finished third this year.Marathon_noemie-10Marathon_noemie-11Marathon_noemie-21Marathon_noemie-9

Right to movement !Marathon_noemie-13

A volunteer gives water to a runnerMarathon_noemie-14Marathon_noemie-22

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3 réflexions sur “#2 Palestine is sporty

  1. Aurore dit :

    une artiste en vadrouille

  2. Laurence Stockli dit :

    Bonjour Noémie, je me suis promenée sur ton blog. Merci pour l’ouverture au monde et le plaisir d’apprécier le regard que tu y portes. J’espère que votre découverte continue toujours inspirant e et nourrissante. Bonne route et a bientôt. Laurence, ta voisine ;-)

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